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The white truffle, a seasonal gem of Crete Senesi

Autumn needs to be enjoyed with sweet melancholy, with open eyes and lungs to the thousand sensations of the landscape all around. Between the unmistakable scent of wet earth and the golden carpet in the undergrowth, in this period, you could see a man walking with a dog. If you observe him closely, you will notice that this is not a simple walk: you chance upon a truffle hunter with his faithful hound.


Uncontaminated Crete Senesi 


Autumn in Tuscany, especially near here, means white truffle, the fragrant jewel of the Crete Senesi. This precious tuber is considered - and it is in fact, given the difficulty in finding it - a rare gem, able to enhance, with a dusting of flakes, any flavor that accompanies it. We collect our white truffle along the road stretching from Siena to the south, reaching the villages of Taverne d'Arbia, Asciano (true heart of the Crete Senesi) and San Giovanni d'Asso. The excellent characteristics depend precisely on the purity of the area in which it grows: the lack of industries and pollution, the presence of woods, the unspoiled nature. All factors representing the region of the Crete Senesi, with its odd lunar landscapes. Here, between October and December, the woods of lime trees, poplars, oaks, willows are populated with white truffles, in symbiotic growth with these plants.


Shape, color, hints


The aspect of the tuber magnatum Pico is easily recognizable and give a big smile to the lucky hunters, who already dream about the unmistakable aromas released by a freshly creamed risotto. Light colored, changing from cream to ocher yellow, the tuber has an often-irregular shape, with a smooth and thin surface. Inside the paste is compact, light in color with white stripes: it may seem a block of marble, but much more appetizing. The scent - its most marked feature - is intense and penetrating, aromatic like no other. Depending on the plant, the microclimate and the soil, it recalls notes of honey, hay, spices, garlic, nutmeg. The fragrance, in any case, is inimitable and precious, giving an explosion of flavors to every dish.


White truffle exhibition and market


In the heart of the Tuscany, the white truffle is celebrated in all its uniqueness: in San Giovanni d'Asso, since 1985, the Exhibition of the white truffle of the Crete Senesi takes place annually. It is one of the most anticipated Italian events among gourmets, scheduled on the second and third weekend of November, that is the best time for the harvest. Two weekends full of dinners and tastings, with many opportunities to buy the delicious Tuscan product.

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