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Vertine, stone jewel out of time

Only a 35-minute drive from Villa di Capovento, there is a magical place, which seems to have fallen asleep in the Middle Ages, standing still to the passage of time.

We are at Vertine, picturesque fortified village, dressed in snow-white Alberese, in contrast to the green countryside in the surroundings. The feeling you have, approaching the ancient stones, is a combination of alienation and peace of soul. Something like Sublime in history of art.

This suggestive town has a unique power to project its visitors and citizens, a few and passionate today, in a dimension “other” from ours, in a time which sat down observing the world many centuries ago.

The History of Vertine, in effect, is very ancient: according to some souces, the castle dates back to 1000 a.C., and nowadays it is conserved in an excellent way. In the 12th century, this was a manor of the Ricasoli family, being included in the Florentine territory. The fortified building was one of the few not to be destroyed by Aragonesi, who invaded the lands of Chianti in 1452 and in 1483, because Ricasolis chose it as their house and they were commissioners for the Republic of Florence.

The castle maintains, today as then, a great part of the original structure, giving a fascinating atmosphere to the whole village. It is something you can not describe in words. Within the fortress, the church and other constructions of the same age are located in a ring, with widenings and small stone streets. The amazing state of conversation of the whole village contributes to creating an out of time atmosphere. A refuge of absolute peace, immersed in the Tuscan countryside: the suggestive Alberese meeting the wild nature of our hills is a balm for eyes and mind.

Such a treasure is worth fully experiencing, with no hurry, paying the right attention to every step, every glance and every single feeling. Reach Vertine, abandon yourself slowly to this enchanted place and enjoy the unforgettable experience of a journey back in time.

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