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Hire one of our pedal-assisted mountain bikes whenever you feel like it. The best way to explore the beautiful hills of Chianti, without getting too tired, and being able to fully enjoy and respect the environment.

Chianti is of course known for good wine and the clean air will give you an appetite for it: all a perfect excuse to use pedal-power to get you from winery to winery, sampling some local foods of this amazing area as you go.


Into the silence

Should you feel the need for adventure, to be in nature, and enjoy a good trek around Chianti, we have set up a series of walking routes from Capovento.

This is a free service and you can make use of a detailed map of all the routes as well as information on distances, altitude, durations, and levels of difficulty. All can be followed through GPS using Google maps on your smartphone.

wine tour

Wine Tour & Wine Tasting

We don’t make our own wine here, but we can certainly recommend the best winery experiences around Chianti Classico, all of which can be reached on foot or by e-bike.

If you don’t feel like going anywhere, you can book our “Wine Tasting in Capovento”. This is a tasting of 5 local Chianti Classico wines, with a plate of Tuscan salami, ham, and cheese and our must-have “bread with oil and tomato”, to taste our own organic oil. We’ll also give you a short lesson on the Chianti Classico classification.

The “Wine Tasting in Capovento” is always available between 11:00 am and 10:00 pm, so it could also work for lunch or dinner.