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“The blue gold of the 21st century”

And there's a dramatic reason why it’s called that. Water is a precious commodity that’s becoming increasingly scarce; drought is one of the main problems afflicting humanity and endangering our survival. We’re the lucky ones, we take water so much for granted that we waste liters and liters every day: we spend thousands of euros a year on drinking it from plastic bottles and then we leave the faucet running while we do other things. Surely not something we actually do but an illustration to help us understand the importance of small daily gestures.

At Villa di Capovento, we get our water from our own natural springs. Our collection system is old but functions perfectly and we can use it for drinking, for making bread, for general cooking, and also for irrigation and household chores.

However, as it is spring water, it’s more precious and we prefer to use it in our zero-miles kitchen, rather than on maintaining our lush garden all year round. After all, nature’s way is for the Tuscan countryside to have the colors of gold in the driest seasons... and that’s how we’re happy to keep our enchanting garden.

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