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Tagliatelle with Chianina ragu aromatized with wild fennel

This is one of our favourite recipes, where the delicious Tuscan raw material – the Chianino veal – meets the smell of another land, where the wild fennel comes up and where we come to collect it year by year.

Few but tasty ingredients, carefully selected, can do their best, linking together in a Tuscan-style white ragu, where there is tomato, but it is hidden and there is also garlic, but you perceive it and it gives a special typical smell together with the vegetables cooking juices where the meat is browned.  

Chianina veal comes from local breedings and the choice of the piece of meat is fundamental, in our case is “scarniccio” of ribs, that is a kind of rib where the fibrous part is soft and tasty and there is also a bit of fat.

The wild fennel, instead, comes from the sea, where it grows on the little piece of earth on the rocks beaten by the wind, where the wonderful sun turns it in a strong plant. Its flowers collected when they are not opened yet in mid-October, keep their full essence.

And, in the end, the bride comes!

The Tuscan tagliatella of “ancient Etruscan stone-milled wheat” … our pasta.

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