Castellina in Chianti Resort - Tuscan Food - Chianti restaurant

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Stella’s kitchen

Here at Villa di Capovento we make everything in-house using family recipes, our own spring water, local ingredients, and our own aromatic herbs. Stella kneads the bread by hand every day; Ettore selects the ingredients, vegetables, and seasonal fruit, always experimenting with new combinations.

Taste for simplicity

Traditional cuisine

This is our traditional cuisine, from our own extra-virgin organic D.O.P. olive oil to Stella’s limoncello, all made simply but with quality: the flavors of an older time but with a flourish of creativity!

Each morning there’s always a freshly-baked tart waiting at breakfast. And for dinner, we offer six dishes on a small à la carte daily menu, always different.

For everything else, we don’t really keep hours here: just let us know when you feel hungry and we’ll serve up something for lunch or a snack anytime during the day.

Hear what our guests say

“Amazing villa, immersed in the peace and green of Chianti. Every single detail was looked after, from the cooking (all done in-house) to the rooms."

Davide –