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Snack time at Capovento, now as then

Capovento is an essential part of our History, a peaceful haven for our family and the dream house when I was a child. Some of the most precious memories, the unforgettable moments of our happy childhood, were born here.

This is our country mansion, the holiday home during long summers, when kids were free to run and play in the grass and adults could relax in contact with nature after a busy work year. As all the holiday homes, when we arrived the pantry was empty, except for some dry food which could keep for years – salt, sugar, coffee, flour.

The first week grandmother and parents used to write a list of all we need to get nourished during our stay, but, before the grocery shopping, we had to manage. After games and running in countryside, we were hungry, we need to recharge some energy: snack time was required.

At home we had any problems, but here in Capovento, especially the first days, we couldn’t find the same snack of our winter afternoons. To rescue us, our grandmother arrived, providential as ever. Our snack time was her affair: bread, wine and sugar. Unusual for children, but delicious.  

Sugar was one product we used to leave in the pantry year by year, wine could not miss on the table and we always kept a piece of bread to take it with us on the way. Bread, wine and sugar: that’s done! A genuine flavor, forbidden at times, except for Capovento, where reality was – and actually is – always sweeter than dreams: our mum would never give us wine in childhood.

So, this was the special snack, allowed only at Capovento…I still remember the true joy of coming back every summer and asking the grandmother for bread, wine and sugar in the afternoon! The simplicity of authentic pleasures gives happy moments. To hang on to this memory ad share it with our guests, now as then, bread, wine and sugar is the snack of Capovento, a special delight every day on our buffet.

An ancient flavor coming back to feed body and soul.

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