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Pici with Wild Boar sauce

Here we are and this is a great classic of our region: the “Pici pasta”. This is one of the “pastasciutta” that I would call "country pasta" that has nothing to compare with very fine and refined pastas that we find on city tables. The Pici pasta is first of all a character! Strong, powerful, outspoken, a clear sky, it’s a north wind. But it is also passion and patience in care with which even today the tradition is handed down; and each "Village" has one of its own. Today we make our own: Pici al Cinghiale, and we make it, in white without tomato sauce, but a lot of celery and onions, a few cloves of garlic end juniper, some fennel seeds a good broth and a half glass of White wine. And nothing about the boar? ..oh yes .. a bit of wild boar we must put it!

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