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Our sources of alternative energy

During the summer months we enjoy it for sunbathing, but how many of us take full advantage of the sun's generosity all year round?

At Villa di Capovento, the sun actually produces the electricity that we use every day. From when we dry our hair with a hair dryer to when we mow the grass, all our energy consumption comes from the photovoltaic system we have in place here. In addition, we have so much solar energy that we can afford to contribute some of it to the regional grid.

And heating for the house? That’s easy: our fuel is made of olive stones. So, just as we get more than just a tan from the sun, we also get more than just oil from our olives: they actually provide enough heat to keep our villa warm in the winter.

The stones are called “nocciolino”, or little nuts, and during the olive harvest we collect them in one-tonne bags: a special machine installed in the local oil press separates the core from the pulp of dehydrated olives, allowing us to use it as fuel in our bio-mass plant.

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