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Our ingredients

We like to experiment in the kitchen, but our main focus is always the authenticity of the ingredients.

We like to eat food that is simple but well made, where the main thing is the quality of the primary material. And this is how we start our work in the kitchen, from the constant search for the best ingredients. “Flavor”: that’s what we offers our guests.

At Capovento it’s the flavor that makes all the difference.

The most precious gift

Our oil

We have 1,477 olive trees at Capovento from which we harvest olives and oil for our cooking.

Like most of the ingredients we use for cooking, the extra-virgin olive oil we produce is organic and certified by the relevant bodies as D.O.P. Chianti Classico.

The climate and morphology of our land allows us to produce a limited quality, and so our oil is for the exclusive use for our guests and direct sales.

Its authenticity, its strong green notes of grass and artichoke, with a definite bitter vein as well as a balanced, harmonic spice ensure it is a base ingredient in all our cooking. Actually, we never send a dish out to your table without first seasoning it with a drizzle of raw oil.

Hints of Sicily

Stella’s limoncello

Capovento might be in Chianti but it has a taste of the citrus of Sicily, where Stella’s parents keep lemon trees on the island of Favignana.

Every January we get to produce our delicious liquor from these lemons: intoxicating, digestive, magical.

So when you see us appear with a cold, yellow bottle at the end of your meal, be prepared to savor Stella’s famous limoncello.

The essence of Capovento

Homemade beauty products

For over forty years our family has been devoted to producing natural beauty products based on plant extracts in our laboratory in Prato.

Each guest will find in their room a toiletries set containing a shower gel made from Capovento’s own olive oil, containing flower essence and organic oil.

In addition, guests who book their stay directly with the Villa di Capovento website will receive a small appreciation from us: a gift box with body cream, shower gel, and soap all made naturally from extra-virgin olive oil.