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The House of Silence

Villa di Capovento lies deep in the Chianti countryside. It was built by my grandfather in 1957 and I remember family vacations here when I was a child. Now I live here with Stella and we are surrounded in our home by the things we love: nature, family memories, and hospitality.

Here is a place where you can finally hear the sound of silence. Embrace the hills around us, share the air and light with the trees, shake off all your distractions to feel lighter and breathe more freely.

Fragments of Tuscany

The House

Villa di Capovento is built of stone, as is typical in Chianti. Oil and watercolor paintings by my father line the walls, and the windows are dressed with raw linen curtains that were woven by a local craftsman.

The furniture comes from my mother’s collection – she wasn’t one for stamp-collecting but this... Each piece comes from a different period but all represent a beautiful Tuscany style.

Stella and I collect flowers and shrubs every week to decorate the house. We like to catch the scent of the bunches of oregano on the tables, and the lavender from our garden in each bathroom. We have a weakness for candles and these, along with details from lives lived, books and old photos, fill Villa di Capovento naturally with atmosphere.

Song of Nature

The Silence

When the sun sends its rays over the wonderful view that is the backdrop to our days, we like to sit “in that place” and listen to the sound of silence. If you tune your ears you’ll notice there’s no mistaking it, nothing else sounds like the beauty that surrounds us. The tune is written on the curves of the hills that stretch to the horizon and the trees that shake their branches like an orchestra where the leaves twirl and the wind recites its poetry.

Intense emotions

The Garden

The pool of the Villa di Capovento is really in the countryside, its unlimited spaces ideal for balancing out your thoughts. Bring a good book as this is the most perfect spot to suit whatever you’re reading. It’s also a great place to share a laugh, or more intense emotions.

You’ll feel right away that this is a magical garden. It blends in and fades away with the Tuscan countryside to offer you an enchanting view. This is nature unspoiled, yet well kept and tidy. There are shaded areas under the shadow of oaks, cypresses, and pines, and where the sun melts the freshness of the brooms, releasing scents of rosemary, juniper, and lavender.

Hear what our guests say

“Absolute tranquility in an amazing place."

Roberto - Agoda