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2018 New Olive Oil

An exceptional vintage ...

We will remember the 2018 vintage as a good year for our olive trees that have enjoyed a wonderful season, with lots of water in winter and a right mix of sun and rain in the summer.

First the icy air and then the dry summer have maintained a parasitic level close to zero and have allowed us to obtain beautiful and organic olives!

To begin the harvest we have chosen to wait for the thermal lowering of early November in order to avoid possible problems of fermentation due to temperatures above 10 ° c.

This has given us the fruits intact and healthy, at the right degree of ripeness, to produce an oil free from the slightest defect.


and an excellent harvest ...

The harvest was carried out from 05 to 15 November, with daily processing of the olives and

immediate filtration of the oil obtained; our 1477 olive trees produced 11600 kg of olives with an average of 7.8 kg per plant and an oil yield of about 12%, for almost 1 liter of oil per tree - about 50% more than the last vintages -

The Capovento Organic Olive Oil has a green color, intense and brilliant; the smell is tenuous but definite and very clean, with a vegetal note of grass, artichoke and wild flowers, followed by the unripe almond. In the mouth has a very low and pleasant bitterness, with a flavored and persistent spicy.

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