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At Villa di Capovento every choice is made consciously and each gesture an act of love. To our earth, our nature, the air we breathe, and also to ourselves. Because sharing the green experience with our guests is the most natural thing in the world and the one that makes us most passionate.

The most precious resource


The most precious resource we have. It springs from our own natural source, through an ancient collection system still in use, and we use it for household needs and for drinking.

As the water is from our spring, we don’t have enough to spare to keen the garden completely green, especially during the drier months. And so we’ve chosen to leave the garden to its own natural colors, and we can appreciate the various shades of brown and yellow as well as green.

Zero impact engine


Our electricity is generated by the sun. We have a photovoltaic system which not only covers our own usage but also feeds into the regional grid.

The warmth of Nature

The hearts of olives

We don’t just garner olive oil from our olive trees, they also provide the main source of energy for heating the house.

During the olive harvesting season, we make use of a special machine at our local oil press which separates the olive stones which have already been crushed by the already-dried pulp.

The crushed stones resemble small timber pellets, and we collect them in thousand-kilo bags and use them as fuel in our bio-mass plant.

Love for the environment

Charge Station

Driving an electric car seems like the best gesture for environmental protection. For our part, we’ve chosen to set up an e-station for visitors who arrive by electric vehicle. Because love for the environment is fundamental for us too.