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Home made bread

We like the flavors of the past, kneading real ingredients, and being able to surprise our guests with simple things like bread. And that’s what Stella prepares every day by hand with flour and spring water.

Forget all those packaged, industrial products that arrive at the table after being transported thousands of kilometers: at Villa di Capovento we believe that eating well is the basis of living well.

First and foremost, the quality of the raw materials


The flour we use is an organic flour made in Tuscany, stone-ground and rich in wheat germ. The mill that produces it for us, the Azienda Agricola Biologica Floriddia, has been designed and installed in premises suitable for obtaining hygienic, nutritious, and aromatic flours.

Every morning Stella makes the bread with the type 1 organic flour of ancient soft grains. In the evening, we make schiacciata (Tuscan focaccia) and for this we use a type 1 organic flour of ancient hard grains, reground.

In both cases we use a type 1 organic flour, not a whole-wheat one. We prefer to use this because the type 1 flour contains the middlings - that is, the part under the bran - and therefore the original germ of the wheat. Compared to type 2 or whole-wheat flour, the type 1 flour contains less ash; it is balanced both in germ, in fiber, and in ash, and its mycotoxin content is almost zero.

Ancient soft grains

In addition, our bread flour is made of soft grains of ancient varieties. This is because the old varieties of local grains, being higher than the new ones, manage to keep weeds away better. The ancient soft grains cannot be cultivated with modern methods but exclusively with organic methods - and these are the methods that preserve the fertility of the soil, preserving the biodiversity of the ecosystem and consuming less energy.

Moreover, the grains of the past are better from a nutritional point of view, because they contain a form of protein that creates a type of gluten completely different from that which is formed by today's wheats. This also explains why you never used to heard about celiac disease.

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