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Autumn: lights, colors, shades in Chianti

Many people love the green Spring or prefer the bright Summer, for the mild climate, ideal for outdoor activities. These are seasons where the days drag on for long hours, the sun is constantly high and warm, walks and picnics last from early morning to late evening. But at Villa Capovento, where we experience the Chianti all year round, those chaotic months do not seem the best ones to fully enjoy our countryside. "Chianti" for us is synonymous with autumn, sweet and melancholy season, almost a condition of the soul.

In fact, between the end of September and November, nature takes refuge in a stalemate, a period of pause, in which it draws landscapes of ineffable beauty. The light dims, the sun shines so proud in the sky no longer, wounding the eyes and immersing the countryside in a unique color. In autumn, the colors of Tuscany are many and very different from each other: the strong red of a vine leaf does not resemble the coppery crown of poplars at all, nor the ocher yellow of the oaks. Every corner of the wood dresses up to party, in the most striking colors, before undressing and bending in the cold winter.


Waiting for winter 


The wait is the dominant feeling between these lands, the awareness of the transition state in which we find ourselves. All the Chianti, from the most majestic tree to the thinnest blade of grass, breathes slowly, careful not to make noise, contemplating the spectacle of emptiness that is every day closer, coming with silent steps. The emptiness of the most rigid season, the severity of winter, which will break the weakest branches and give new strength to the most resistant. Preparation to winter, however, has an almost cathartic meaning of purification, which translates into indescribable natural landscapes.

The light dimming among the leaves gives the countryside a sort of patina, a filter muffled by the colorful shades, a thin and evocative veil. A veil that does not cover, but attenuates the most acute perceptions of reality. Our Chianti wakes up in a suave watercolor painting, the rarefied mist is its wise author. Every autumn is different from that of the previous year and years to come, because the magnetic union of lights, colors and transparencies always creates a unique picture.

It is the magic of nature, it is the magic of autumn in Tuscany and this is the most beautiful time of the year.

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