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Art of the family

I remember one Christmas day from my childhood, when my father gave my mother a brush, some colors, and a beautiful palette and said to her: “see, I’m sure you could be a painter”.

My mother had painted some pictures when she was a girl, and given up, and she looked at him as if he had just given her a tie.

So he took the colors and just started to paint: “when talent meets opportunity”, this was the spark that lit the light of his painting studio. Soon the walls of our house began to be covered with ideas, colors, and emotions, all playing with the rooms and lives of our family.

Now when you enter our home, the first thing you might ask will be... who is Daniele? That’s my father’s signature on those paintings.

Today, my father and mother have left me their place in this house, as my grandparents did to them, and each corner is a marker of time and taste which each of us has dedicated to this space.

The first painting I’d like to talk about is:

“Rendez-Vous in via Veneto” which is in the lunch room.

For those like me, his son, with the good fortune to have seen all his paintings, many of them in progress, Daniele’s paintings always show the sentimental impression of a mood or a simple sensation that guided the brush. Even in the simplest still lives, the only cadence of color made the perception of sadness or joy clear.

Although his painting was constantly evolving, never equal to itself and in constant anticipation for the next thing, at this period and especially in this canvas of "Via Veneto", I believe he reached one of the high points of his expressiveness.

Here, the pathos of the artistic act and the will to communicate don’t need the most sought-after means of expression: clear lines, few colors, and with no superfluous details, the contents and emergence are more to the fore.

Never before had the feeling of the artist and his audience felt so close, and the painter's voice seems almost not to need any palette.

The fleeting nature of time seems to escape the people sitting at the tables, as if they want to resist the inexorable passing of the seasons, but among the crowd there are those who sadly walk towards their own destiny.

The clothes of passers-by, the gray skies, the static nature of the people, the dominating shades of the reds all mark the contrast between dream and reality, between unconsciousness and awareness, between "he who is still wanting and those who have given".


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